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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vocal cords mapping and treatment

Vocal cords may be mapped on the palm according to general principles
of Su-jok acupuncture:

Then, vocal folds (and for example ventricular folds) may be mapped
by points to treat by acu tools.
Points are in 6 Qi system (left) and Triorigin energies
(right), of course, points are situated symmetrically on both folds
for both systems.

This allows treatment for the whole mapped region if a disease
affects it, like:
1.inflammation, thickening 
2.vocal folds tension problems
3. Spasmodic disphonia
4. Vocal cord paresis (or paralysis)

The same to show better the position of points on the


Real location of folds and points needs examining the actual angle the folds form for a person when relaxed and when they are closed at singing.

There may be more detailed mapping the cords in zones corresponding to energies
in 6 or 8 Qi  and Triorigin:

This scheme will be useful to correct a wide range
of problems, because it links every zone along the vocal fold to an specific energy, and can easily give  acupuncture recipes to treat a particular disorder
located there.

For example:
1. local problems like a gap remaining in some region
at singing, when vocal folds are normally fully closed
2. local benign neoplasms, referred as widly spread type of disorders: polyps and especially vocal folds nodules.
3. contact granuloma the vocal folds ulcer

And  what Su-jok acupuncture may be special for, disorders of emotional origin.
Emotions have strong influence on voice; singers extensively use their vocal system and have especially developed links between emotions and vocal cords.
Every emotion can be linked to a specific energy like grief, sadness is harmful energy of Dryness and get treatment right on vocal folds zones (more in next posts).


  1. I had been clearing my throat non stop for about 40 minutes when I found these diagrams. Grabbed my acupressure tool and used it on the points as indicated. I stopped clearing my throat immediately. Amazing. I have several books on acupressure but none of them had anything for vocal cords. Thank you so much for this info!!

  2. You're welcome. If you are a singer you may find much more useful stuff here.

  3. hi I am a singer and my throat is feeling really dry and easily hoarse. I have some pain right under my jaw and mucus at times. I don't see the points to use with your diagram. Thanks so much for your help.

  4. Hello, Sorry for delay in reply, the diagrams here are mainly aimed at vocal cords health as most subtle and sophisticated treatment. However general throat problems can be treated even more easily, so please connect by e-mail listed for contacts in this blog, and I'll be able to compose schemes personally for you.

  5. hello i have a very soft voice since birth as each one make comment as i have a voice like girl. So i want to know as is there any treatment in accupressure for it. I am a teacher.

  6. Hello,
    This may be seen as excess of energy of Cold which controlls high register of voice so
    one may balance Cold-Burn areas on vocal cords mapping.

  7. I became sick with sinusitis and then my vocal cords are swollen and the doctor prescribed me prednisone for a week; he saw the vocal cords were not moving much. Do you know of any specific vocal cord mapping for my case. Thanks.

  8. Hello, you can use the above mapping preferably with Triorigin points, as they give most fundamental action and are simplest as the scheme: The group of 2 green, red and blue: you go
    in ascending or descending order. heating them one by one by incense stick, holding it perpendicularly at the distance to have pleasant flow of warmth, each point for 0.5-1 min.

  9. sir i want to know how to cure stuttering?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Stuttering is beyond the scope of this blog, but in general one first tackles the scheme for speech through 8 Qi or Triorigin and sedates or balances Wind with other energies. Also essential may be treatment by Time Energies for the moment of harmful event, if it was it which triggered stuttering.

  11. sir is there any cure for lump in throat type feeling ?

  12. Ho sedation for throat - may be on Heat chakra.

  13. treatment for chronic vocal tension??

  14. He sedation on vocal cords. The path was given earlier.

  15. any treatment for chronic jaw tension?

  16. Jaw tension is not within the scope of this blog.